3-5 years

If a junior is an entry-level specialist in the world of programming, then middle WordPress Developer is the middle step in the development of an IT career. This is no longer just an uninitiated performer who can be trusted with only the simplest tasks, but a full-fledged “fighting” unit in the team. Usually, specialists with at least three years of fruitful work experience in an IT company are able to reach such a level. But there is no clear time frame: one person and after 7 years of experience may remain a junior, and the other management offers the position of Middle after 1 year of work because they see that he is quite ready for it.

What is the difference between a Middle WordPress Developer and a Junior?

Junior — a beginner or trainee who came to the company and only learns how to work in a team. He is inexperienced and doesn’t know the intricacies of the project. He is assigned small, relatively simple tasks. When you need to change the size of a button, check a form on the site, or determine whether the necessary information is coming to the server. Faced with difficulties, such a specialist can and should seek advice from more experienced colleagues.

Middle WordPress Developer— a full-featured, independent member of the team. He does not need constant help, he asks a minimum of questions, and is very clear and only in really complex situations. It falls on him to help juniors, to advise them. And if he ignores the newcomers’ questions or gives them incomplete, incorrect advice, the team leader can lay a claim on him for that. A specialist of this rank knows the project well and writes the main code himself.

When such a developer has questions or difficulties, he first of all looks for answers himself and, as a rule, finds them. Middle WordPress Developer monitors the new technologies and solutions, continually developing their skills, he understands in a timely manner, when it is necessary to learn something new and without instructions from the management studies it.

Middle writes working code right away and does it in such a way that it is extremely easy to maintain the results of his activities. Correspondingly, projects and tasks completed by him leave little or no work for testers and their verification takes minimum time.

Why it makes sense to hire Middle Developer with 1 – 3y experience

Your project may lack the skills of a novice. And in this case, the cost of a higher-ranked programmer is well justified.

You can certainly require the following from a Middle:

  1. Support of a small project. When there is a finished product that requires some small revisions, the middle developer can be entrusted with its support and he must do it if he really fits his position professionally.
  2. Responsibility for the result. If a junior developer makes a mistake of any severity the responsibility for it lies mostly on the senior programmers working in the team or on the one who takes the position of a team leader. And the Middle Developer is responsible for all the decisions he/she makes.
  3. The solution of abstract tasks and their decomposition. The Middle Developer is able to work without the brief and laconic ToR. If he/she does not have enough information, he/she will quickly find out which questions to ask a client or a project manager to make everything clear and the final result will justify the expectations of the superior.
  4. Choosing the best method of solving the problem. Depending on the situation, the Middle will see several different ways to achieve the desired result. He is able to analyze each possible way, choose the best, and then justify his choice to the management.

You can hope that the junior you choose will do the job just as well as the Middle, but the probability is extremely low. That’s why everyone who is planning to get a reliable and independent employee is recommended to hire Middle Developer on our site.