1-3 years

Hire junior WordPress Developer from WP-Job platform easy and fast.

In the programmer ranking system, developers at the Junior level occupy one of the lowest rungs. This does not mean that they do not know anything and there is no point in hiring them. For many simple tasks in IT, the basic skills are quite enough. If the project is simple and does not require initiative and deep knowledge, it is better to give it to a novice instead of hiring a new Middle and paying him 1.5-2 times more. On our website, you will find a lot of applicants willing to work responsibly for a small wage to gain experience.

What a Junior Developer should know

We should note right away that not every developer with 1y experience is a junior by default. That is, it is not enough to have a certificate or diploma, certifying the obtained IT education. A minimum of experience and real knowledge must be present. Keep in mind that it is possible to take into account the activities that the candidate carries out in personal projects.

Since not everyone manages to get at least a Trainee or Intern position, and you need to gain experience, many novice professionals simply start their own project and develop it at their own expense, usually alone doing all the tasks. And if such an applicant was able to bring his authoring program or a site created from scratch to the state of the finished product, it is an indication that the actual professional experience he already has.

What requirements are reasonable to set for juniors?

It makes sense to expect such candidates to be proficient in the following technologies:

  1. JavaScript. This programming language is in demand in more than 60% of jobs. It is used to add dynamic features to web pages, provides users with a continuous and pleasant browsing experience, comfortable interaction with the site.
  2. jQuery. This is a JavaScript library: a set of modules and extensions that make working with JS faster and easier. It is especially useful for beginners because thanks to it they do not need to code everything, as they say, from “A” to “Z”. You can use ready-to-use standard solutions in projects, and then personalize them to fit the client’s needs more precisely later.
  3. Server rendering. In this subject, he should not understand too deeply, but the presence of certain knowledge in this area will be a big plus. A basic understanding of how the server-side will allow the programmer to create better code.

As for the version of JS, which the junior WordPress developer should know, it is EcmaScript 2015 — one of the last major updates. In addition, it is important for any website programmer to know the markup and style languages — HTML and CSS.

Mandatory Hard Skills Soft Skills for Junior WordPress Developer

To summarize under all of the above, any entry-level specialist should know:

  • The syntax of the language in which to work;
  • The basis of the standard language library and imagine its structure as a whole;
  • the principles of the technological platform and runtime environment;
  • the principles of the relational database systems;
  • the basics of Web development.

It is also important that a beginner understands how networking works, what infrastructure exists in the Internet and corporate networks, and the difference between programming paradigms, and scripting languages from compiled ones.

There is no need to set too high requirements for a Junior. The main thing is that he should be able to solve simple application tasks, to use the knowledge he has with benefit.

As for soft skills, the following is required of a basic rank developer:

  1. Ability to listen, and perceive the task setting and explanations.
  2. Ability and willingness to learn on the job.
  3. Ability to ask questions and generally formulate thoughts.
  4. Curiosity and desire to develop, responsibility.

That is essentially the same as you would expect from a supermarket or cafe employee during a basic job training period. If you expect something more from a WordPress Developer, then perhaps you should pay attention to applicants of the rank of Middle and above.