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WP Job platform is created so that every freelance WordPress developer can find a suitable job at any time.

This section contains all the current WordPress freelance projects for which specialists are needed immediately.

The list of vacancies will be constantly updated. If today you haven’t managed to find a suitable freelance project, we recommend monitoring the rubric regularly. The WP Job site publishes new vacancies for developers of different levels and specializations daily.

Among the available positions, you will find vacancies for long-term collaboration with a freelancer. Such WordPress freelance jobs imply the need for clear planning and management on the part of the executor. In addition, tasks for a quick turnaround are presented. This can be a requirement to quickly fix some kind of error, or make changes. Such assignments are good for getting feedback.

Topical freelance WordPress developer jobs

The list of jobs in the freelance section is not often different from other types of employment. The most common freelance jobs for WordPress developer:

  • Creating a website from scratch. Obviously, this job is great for freelance web developer WordPress, who is looking for a project for long-term collaboration. If you are applying for this type of work (as well as any other), take into account a few important things. Discuss all the requirements, terms, and conditions, read the feedback about the customer, and only then start working.
  • Revisions and edits. Companies often look for freelance web developer WordPress to solve minimal problems with the site. Look through such tasks, sometimes their implementation requires a few minutes, but the customer is still willing to pay a good sum for its solution.
  • Development of plugins. A very popular task in the field of freelancing with WordPress. Requires a certain knowledge, but you are guaranteed to get a great case in the portfolio.

In fact, all of the assignments are useful. An important criterion in selecting projects should be how interesting you are and what new experiences you will have in them.

How to become a successful developer in в WordPress freelance

WP freelance is often chosen by people who are tired of sitting for days in the office, working on a fixed schedule. They are tired of being tied to a place and many other “niceties” of office work. It is believed that freelancing allows you to make your work schedule more flexible and individual.

Among people who are used to working in an office, many believe that freelancing is a panacea and a fairy tale setting. There is some truth in this, but it is not so simple.

It’s worth understanding that quality work with WordPress freelance projects requires a person to become a manager, a boss, a doer, and an accountant for themselves at the same time.

Important characteristics that will help you in WordPress freelance work:

  • Willingness to work. You should understand that freelancing with WordPress is as much work as in the office. In addition to performing the task, it is you who communicate with the customer, discussing the terms of reference, deadlines, payment, and so on. All the organizational processes in freelancing are your responsibility. And you need to work hard to build up a portfolio for yourself, a base of reviews, and regular customers.
  • The ability to learn. Freelancing gives you the ability to choose which projects to work with yourself. A good specialist and an excellent freelance WordPress developer must constantly evolve. This is necessary for personal growth, for your value as an employee, and, of course, for the growth of payment for your services.
  • The ability to take responsibility. In a full-time office job, the employer is responsible for deadlines, quality, payment, and so on. On a freelance job, it is you who is responsible for whether or not you have new projects, the right deadline estimates, prescribed requirements, and so on. It depends only on you how much money you get at the end of the WordPress freelance project.

If you like these conditions, you will succeed. Experienced freelancers already know how important personal time management is when doing projects. If you are new to WordPress freelance, then start with a less voluminous task. This will help you gauge your self-management so you can gradually increase your turnover. Don’t take on too much. The most important thing is that you as a professional meet the customer’s requirements.