A WordPress contract jobs are a special form of an employment contract. In it, the parties by agreement establish and approve a complete list of conditions of cooperation. Among them are the following:

  • The term of the contract;
  • the rights, duties and responsibilities of both parties;
  • conditions of material provision and organization of work of the employee;
  • measures of social protection;
  • conditions for termination of the contract, including early termination.

In other words, contract employment gives you the opportunity to clearly assess your prospects for the near future. You understand that the company for which you are working has rights and obligations that are also conditional upon you. This brings clarity to the work process and makes your business relationship more trustworthy.

Contract employment peculiarities

The main characteristics of this form of the employment contract are the following:

  1. the contract is made in writing;
  2. the contract comes into force from the day it is signed or from the date specified by the parties directly in the contract itself. The employee and the employer have the right to determine the duration of the contract themselves. The exception is when the term of the contract is specified in the relevant regulations.
  3. the contract may establish additional grounds for its termination.

An important factor is that you do not have to be an employee of the company you are working with. As a contract WordPress developer, you can be self-employed or work for an agency. A contract WordPress developer might not be called an employee, but rather a business partner.

WordPress contract jobs mean that in a contract you only stipulate under what conditions you as a specialist or entrepreneur perform the services you need.

Are WordPress contract jobs better paid?

It is worth noting that the contract WordPress developer differs from other jobs only in the terms of cooperation with the employer. That is, the amount of salary will depend not on working conditions, but on the type of services you offer and the solvency of the company with which you work. For example, the average salary of a senior WordPress developer and the same developer under different conditions will be the same.

Benefits of WordPress contract jobs

We have already said that contract work is a more reliable type of cooperation than others. If you go into a little more detail, you can make an additional list of the main advantages. Among them:

  • A conditional set of obligations. The services that a contract worker must perform are specified in an employment contract signed by both the employer and the employee.
  • Contract WordPress developer always has an accompanying term of reference. It clearly describes what needs to be done, how, when and to what quality standards.
  • You are paid as a “contractor,” not as a full-time employee, and you may be entitled to deduct some work-related expenses that you are not normally entitled to.

There is a lot to list, but the specifics will depend on the job you choose. Also, note that the WP Job site publishes vacancies from companies in different countries. Therefore, the conditions of WordPress contract jobs may differ depending on the legislation of a particular country.

In any case, read the job descriptions carefully. Be even more careful to read the contract terms and conditions before signing. WP Job takes no responsibility for the consequences of the parties signing a contract or for the consequences of any other contact between them. Our site is just a platform, for choosing and comparing opportunities.

We wish you successful employment.