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I specialise in creating bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions for my clients that enable them to increase their service offerings to their clients.

WordPress + WooCommerce developer

My name is Ryan Ormrod! I have a passion for helping others reach their goals & I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity I have using my experience and technical skills to change lives through my work each and every day!

I have been developing websites for over 14 years as a hobby + doing it professionally for 10! (Secretly, I’ve worked on the homepages of some of the UK’s largest companies in the past). While I was studying in computing, I almost received a full streak of distinctions but still, I left with an award of academic excellence at level 5.

When I’m not working on building websites, I’m spending time with my beautiful three year old daughter, watching her favourite toddler shows, playing with her puzzle games and dolls house with her, reading her books and helping her to study and learn new things.

Aside from web development, I have a couple of other hobbies! Firstly, I run a website that focuses on reducing single-use plastics and solving the world’s water poverty crisis in developing countries. Secondly I love to learn about technology (yeah, hobbies of the typical nerd), and also space, physics in particular: space travel. Thirdly, I’m fascinated by cryptocurrency at the moment and trying to add some of the exciting new technologies to my skill set.

I love working on WordPress and WooCommerce but I’m also a capable developer in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript overall and can develop some quite complex, unique and interesting solutions.

More information at https://ryanormrod.com.



Salary Expectation

$75 Per hour

WP Experience

5+ years

Employment Preferences

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Freelance
  • Temporary
  • Contract