It happens when there is an urgent need to make changes to the website. If there are not enough programmers working on your company’s staff to solve this task, you can temporarily engage a third-party developer. Take a look at the resumes posted on our web resource. Here you will find detailed information about their experience, skills, and up-to-date contact information for prompt communication. And to find out how to hire a temporary WordPress developer and not to make a mistake in choosing a specialist, read the text on this page to the end.

What a WordPress Developer should know

If you have decided to find the right developer, you should know what criteria you can use to determine if a candidate is suitable for the position. An experienced web programmer should be able to:

  • create websites from scratch and provide them with technical support;
  • manage internal and external development (backend and frontend);
  • to personalize the resource, adjusting it to the customer’s preferences;
  • implement, customize plugins and themes (WordPress Developer Rank Middle also knows how to create these components from scratch, not just work with ready-made ones);
  • correct software malfunctions, eliminate the consequences of their incorrect operation;
  • generate maps as well as site frames.

Keep in mind that although WordPress is a universal platform that is not difficult to understand. You don’t have to be a programmer at all to create sites on it. But a developer, in any case, can perform a significantly wider range of work than a content manager and layout designer. So if you want to deal with a person who is able to offer the most effective solutions to your problems, then make sure that he knows the programming languages used in this CMS.

What technologies a good WordPress Developer is proficient in

A true web programmer who knows how to work with sites on this platform must have a good understanding of JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTML. In addition, he or she needs to know SEO tools to successfully promote a resource in search engine rankings.

With the help of PHP, the server part of the site is supported, the basic functions are enabled, themes are applied. In JavaScript you can provide interactivity plugins and themes, for example, to set the automatic opening of links in new tabs. HTML and CSS are responsible for the correct display of pages and their components on displays in any resolution.

In addition, it is important for WordPress developers to be able to work with MySQL databases, to be able to fix errors that occur between them and the code in PHP.

Do you really need a WordPress developer?

In some cases, it is more appropriate to look for a full-time rather than temporary specialist. This depends on the scale of the work. If you can’t figure out for yourself how global changes need to be made to the site, then consult with an experienced programmer beforehand. But those who are accustomed to keeping control of all segments of their business, it is better to determine this issue on their own, because there is a chance to take on developers who will then receive a salary but do not bring real value to the company.

Here are situations in which you may need the services of a programmer only temporarily, not on a permanent basis:

  1. Suddenly there is a need to make some changes to the functionality or content of the resource or system, but further support of the project is not required.
  2. You are thinking of starting a new position, hiring a developer, but you are not sure that it is really necessary. You may be able to employ them for a while until you decide whether it is worth signing a long-term contract with them.
  3. You have full-time programmers, but due to restructuring, rebranding or expanding your company, the number of tasks has increased dramatically, and they cannot cope with the new amount of work.

More often than not, it is the above circumstances that lead to the need to hire a temporary WordPress developer. In other cases, a full-time or freelance developer might be more suitable for you.