Welcome to the WP Job site. This is a platform where you will quickly find a freelance WordPress developer. This service page is designed to find and hire a freelance WordPress developer. Here you are guaranteed to find a performer of the right level of qualification and specialization. As a result, you will get fast and high-quality execution of a task or solution to a temporary problem.

You should not think that specialists who work freelance are worse programmers. A lot of qualified developers choose to freelance on purpose. This is due to the desire to control their working hours and choose the projects they want to work with. A WordPress expert freelancer might even be able to do a better job than an office employee.

What can freelance WordPress web developer

The Web-programming specialist is the key person in the process of developing a web resource. He is responsible for ensuring that the site will function without failure and errors. In his hands is the technical part of any project, and it is quite time-consuming and serious work. The knowledge and skills of the developer on a freelance and full-time do not differ. The skills a developer needs will depend on the stage your project is at now. If you are just at the start and you are looking for a developer who you plan to give the work on the project from start to finish, then you need a full-time developer. Such a freelance WordPress developer should be able to take your project from the planning stage to the implementation and use stage. The list of skills of such a worker includes the following:

  • Changing the overall appearance of the site. For this purpose, adaptive templates, themes are developed;
  • creation of plug-ins to change or expand the capabilities of CMS;
  • Development of a unique site by combining themes, plugins and custom code. Everything will be fully consistent with the wishes of the customer;
  • Creation of widgets to display certain information.

Thus, WordPress expert freelancer completely creates a site from start to finish, configures the control panel and other components.

 If you only need to make minor fixes, then almost any freelance developer can do it.

Hiring a freelance WordPress developer, take into account his level of training, portfolio and all the necessary knowledge for your field. Naturally, in such a case without serious knowledge in the field of programming is not enough. Mandatory elements of the skilful developer — programming languages. WordPress is written in standard PHP and SQL. The frontend is a combination of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX. You can use any of these languages to create modifications. Each has its own characteristics.

The requirements for a WordPress expert freelancer are almost no different from those for other programmers. During the interview process, of course, you will understand what level of specialist you are dealing with.

How to hire a WordPress freelancer

Finding a good programmer is a multi-step business. But the first stage — the selection of candidates, you can easily do on the WP Job platform.

Every day we are increasing the number of registered performers, professionals in their field. They live in different parts of the world and successfully cooperate with employers around the world. Right now you can type “WordPress freelancer near me” and find the right specialist for you on this platform.

Before you start a partnership, be sure to be sure of the candidate’s professionalism and honesty. WP Job platform is not responsible for any misunderstandings and problems between the employer and the performer.