Our website has thousands of resumes of highly qualified programmers ready to become a part of your company. You are sure to find such a specialist among them who will perfectly solve all the problems of your business in their area of responsibility. But choosing an experienced WordPress developer with relevant knowledge and skills is only half the battle. It is very important to decide on the format of the collaboration. How will you formalize the employment relationship? One of the most popular options today is to sign a contract. In this case, you can employ a person from any country in the world without fear of problems with the tax authorities and other controlling state structures.

Why do you need a contract WordPress Developer

The main advantage of concluding a contract with a programmer is that after signing this document the relationship between employer and employee get a clear legal status.

This is critical because companies are often faced with the following challenges during or after development:

  1. Copyright infringement of software by an employee in your WordPress Developer position.
  2. Implementation of software or parts of code by third parties in competitors’ projects.
  3. Claims from competitors claiming rights to code created by an employee who previously worked for one company and then switched over to them.
  4. Appearance on the market of a product which is a copy of other licensed software by a number of parameters.
  5. An employee’s refusal to transfer the rights to the software he or she created to the company where he or she works.
  6. Difficulties in obtaining compensation for unauthorized use of an intellectual property.
  7. Failure to suppress misuse of the software.

In all these and many other situations, the business can incur huge losses. And to avoid this happening, it is better to fill critical vacancies with employees working for you on a contract basis. And the contract itself should be drawn up in such a way that it takes into account and protects the interests of both parties and does not conflict with the labour law of the country where your company operates.

What a contract with a WordPress Developer should be

You will have no difficulty in dealing with the programmer if you have a professional lawyer draw up the contract. But you should read the document carefully yourself to make sure that it fully reflects your interests.

Pay attention to the most important points:

  1. The subject matter of the treaty must be clearly defined. No fragments that could be interpreted ambiguously should be allowed.
  2. The deadline for the work should be clearly stated, without many such factors that would provide the possibility of postponement, postponing the date of delivery of the product.
  3. Acceptance of software under development should be performed in stages, strictly within an established period and in accordance with a well-designed structure, so that no hidden bugs. You should not enter terms that are clearly disadvantageous to the employer in the hope that it will get the job done faster.
  4. Be sure to correctly include provisions for the company to take over the rights to the WordPress Developer work product.

Working under a contract is beneficial for both parties. Especially for companies operating internationally or in countries where compliance with laws is strictly monitored. The costs of drawing up and conclusion of a contract are repaid many times over as legal protection will reliably save not only money but also the reputation of the company, which is especially important at a time when the development of information technology has reached an incredibly high level.