Web Engineer (WordPress)

Camber Creative

Camber Creative

Posted 11 months ago
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Job Type

Full time


United States


$47-$60 Per hour

Job description

About the Role

The Web Engineer is responsible for overseeing the successful execution of projects by Camber Creative project teams. Assisting the product leadership with aligning time, budget, and functional requirements for optimal client and business outcomes, and nurturing personnel toward successful and fulfilling personal outcomes.

As is the expectation of all team members at Camber Creative, this role description is a minimum expectation of your involvement in company. You should apply yourself to the full extent of your skills and capabilities to help in any and every way possible to maximize positive outcomes for client projects, the company, the team, and yourself. Break the mold, go rogue, and help us stay ahead of the curve.



  • Follow Camber Creative development standards and processes, and ensure proper adherence to these across all products
  • Participate in client and internal meetings, pairing with technical stakeholders, and understand the business value and user value behind all client product development
  • Craft approaches, document requirements, and estimate or validate the level of effort against proposed product scopes and approaches
  • Anticipate technical product delivery complications and formulate and conduct processes and tools to mitigate internal and client risks associated with these complications
  • Deliver against established production metrics (billable targets, forecasting accuracy, etc.)
  • Maintain a minimum average of 32 hours or more per week of billable production work across all projects (Full Time employees only)
  • Serve as the initial point of contact for approach and technology scope questions, facilitate understanding of limits or risks of certain approaches, and provide sophisticated but simple “MVP” oriented solutions to complex problems
  • Develop complex Drupal Modules / WordPress plugins and/or themes primarily using PHP
  • Mentor engineers and provide code reviews
  • Drive strategy and lead back-end technical vision for large projects
  • Leverage APIs and extend the CMS admin experiences
  • Solve complex problems in simple ways
  • Respond directly to customers courteously and clearly
  • Solve client challenges with understanding and empathy
  • Test solutions across multiple browsers and platforms in a local testing environment
  • Deploy changes to various environments
  • Assist in the remediation, enhancement, and maintenance of client sites
  • Exhibit ownership of engineering approach and results based upon a deeper understanding of customer goals and KPIs

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least five years of experience in backend-focused web development, specializing in WordPress environments
  • Develop complex WordPress plugins, themes, and blocks.
  • Leverage WordPress APIs and extend the WordPress admin experience.
  • Experience building custom blocks in the Gutenberg block editor.
  • Exceptional PHP, Javascript, and MySQL knowledge
  • Skillful with CSS and HTML
  • Experience with React
  • Experience with Symfony or Laravel
  • Comfortable with Drupal a plus
  • Proficient and effective in using Git
  • Knowledge of OOP and software design patterns
  • Ability to write clear, web-standard, well-documented code
  • Effective and professional communication skills
  • Working knowledge of AWS, Heroku, and other PaaS environments
  • Strong experience with tools like Travis CI and Docker
  • Proficient with command-line interfaces
  • Experience with CLI tools like grep, awk, sed, etc.
  • Ability to set up a local environment for testing PHP code
  • Ability to communicate professionally with technical and non-technical colleagues and customers
  • Being collaborative, self-motivated, and an “always-learning” person, excited to create great web experiences
  • Drive strategy and lead backend technical vision for large projects.
  • Ability to set up a local environment and expertly debug performance and caching issues across environments.

About Camber

Camber is a fully-distributed digital product agency specializing in app design and development for iOS, Android, web, and IoT. Our expert team collaborates from across the United States and Canada to plan, prototype, build, and sustain digital products that not only delight and enrich the lives of users, but also produce meaningful business results for our client collaborators.

Whether it’s a B2C app, internal enterprise utility tool, B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the next innovative wearable or IoT solution, or anything in between, we have the deep expertise and insight to be equally comfortable as pilot, co-pilot, or navigator for our clients’ next digital transformation.

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