On this page, you will find Senior WordPress developer jobs. Senior is almost the highest rank of programmer in today’s IT hierarchy. The salary of such developers in the United States can reach $150,000 a year or more. But to get a contract for the Senior position, you need to have deep professional knowledge and great experience. Such jobs go only to those who fall under the definition of full stack WordPress developer. Do your skills fit this type of position? We’ll help you find out.

Who can get a Senior WordPress developer job

A full-stack developer needs to know perfectly well all the technologies that are used in the backend and frontend of companies. And if he works with websites, he needs to be able to close the entire development stack, including working with servers, PaaS, operating systems, and databases.

Senior’s technical skills aren’t limited to being able to write clean code, knowing all the tools, and being able to do a quality project from scratch on your own if you have enough time. You need to be able to think strategically and organize the work of an entire team.

A WordPress full stack developer at this level is able to quickly find answers to the following questions after receiving an assignment:

  1. Can this particular task be broken down into subtasks and how can I do that?
  2. What are the most effective approaches to solving each individual subtask?
  3. Is it possible to involve other employees in the process, and how can this be done in such a way as not to interfere with other areas of work?

At the same time, Senior chooses ways of solving tasks not only based on his/her existing skills, but also not afraid to use new technologies for himself/herself. That is, if he or she comes to the conclusion that an unfamiliar Database Management System, framework, or service that he or she does not yet know would be best for the task, such a developer promptly learns what he or she needs and puts it into practice.

Senior full stack WordPress developer: Soft Skills

The notion of “soft skills” usually refers to skills and knowledge that a developer does not necessarily need to have, but is highly desirable. However, for a Senior level specialist, these skills are an integral part of professionalism; they are as important as knowledge of technology.

Accordingly, in addition to perfect knowledge of the technical side of the project, a senior developer should be able to:

  1. Communicate with the team personally and build effective communication between all team members. He/she should also be able to establish contact with the customer, process his/her technical requirements, ask him/her the right questions and achieve comprehensive answers. Senior must be able to replace the project manager at any time.
  2. Be a mentor and interviewer. Training newbies and interviewing applicants are often assigned to the most experienced developer. The ability to quickly determine the weaknesses and strengths of candidates, find common ground with strangers, and clearly read the emotions of the interlocutor are important here.
  3. Develop, learn, and grow professionally. Many developers, when they reach a certain level of knowledge, stop being interested in new technologies, stop learning new things as they go along, and learn new things only when they need to. You should always be one step ahead and take a keen interest in innovations.

Also, do not forget that the Senior WordPress Developer is, among other things, the “face of the company”. This is one of the best employees. The management constantly puts him at the forefront, recommends colleagues to look up to him, and involves him in public events. Therefore, having the skills of a speaker, orator, will be a big plus in the eyes of the employer.