Do you want to find a Middle WordPress developer job? Great choice! Today, a programmer of this rank in this area can earn up to $80,000 per year if working directly in the United States. But even working in other countries, even as a freelancer involved in the project, rather than a staff member, such a specialist receives significantly more than the average wage on the labor market in his region.

The IT industry has already formed a scale for evaluating the professional level of developers: trainee, junior, middle, senior, and lead. The lowest hourly wage is offered by trainees, but trainees who have just graduated from courses and have no experience go there. If you are already an experienced professional, you can immediately apply for the middle position in a serious company. Despite the fact that the aforementioned system of ranks has been used for quite some time, there is still no clear agreement on the criteria for determining the levels between companies. How do you know if your skills and knowledge are enough to get a job as a middle WordPress developer? We will help you to understand this question.

What a Middle  WordPress developer should know and be able to do

At the first stage, the candidate is interviewed by a recruiter — HR. This position is usually occupied by people who know little about the technical side of development. But before signing a contract, you will definitely have to be interviewed by an experienced programmer who knows all the intricacies of working in this field. To determine whether you are ready for this position, the company’s interviewer will consider your professional experience in great detail.

So keep in mind that a Middle-level programmer must:

  1. Have a confident theoretical knowledge of standard libraries, necessary frameworks and tools.
  2. Experience in running several projects independently for a long period of time.
  3. Know what the optimal database architecture should be and be able to build it, have a clear understanding of normalization, denormalization, typical characteristics of each normal form.
  4. Middle WordPress developers have to be able to perform, organize, and lead development according to one or more of today’s current methodologies (Scrum, Agile, Waterfall).
  5. Know at least one popular JS framework and library (e.g. React), understand RESTful interfaces.
  6. Have the skill to customize the project’s build system yourself, as well as experience with code sharing tools.

And if any of these are still unfamiliar to you, we recommend refreshing and supplementing your knowledge before sending your resume to the employer.

Middle WordPress Developer Job: Soft Skills

We should not forget about such an important component of the professional portrait of a Middle Developer as Software Skills. This category includes things that are not usually part of a programmer junior’s direct job description, but are a useful skill for anyone, no matter what industry they work in, be it IT, commerce, the restaurant business, or anything else.

It’s about:

  • ability to work in a team;
  • proficiency in foreign languages;
  • communication skills, attentiveness;
  • ability to resolve conflicts and solve problems;
  • ability to adequately estimate the time needed to complete tasks;
  • the ability to clearly communicate and convince others of their ideas;
  • presence of career ambitions, aspiration for professional growth.

It is highly desirable for any future Middle WordPress developer to possess these skills. And even if your technical knowledge falls short of the job description, you may be hired because your soft skills are at a high level.