WP Job is a site where every junior WordPress developer can find jobs.  Regardless of the amount of experience and desired working conditions, you will be able to find a job for yourself.

This page publishes current WordPress developer jobs for freshers.  That is, for those who are just gaining experience in the field of development and have the basic knowledge necessary for work.

Entry-level jobs often imply that you will be cooperating with other developers. So don’t worry if you don’t think you know enough. The most important thing is the ability to work in a team and the ability to google.

You will find quite a few opportunities for entry level WordPress jobs remote. Yes, being able to work remotely is no longer a privilege for the most experienced. It’s the new norm now. In addition, the working conditions should not negatively affect the salary level of your position. Junior WordPress developer remote jobs are the most popular type of collaboration in recent years.

Interview preparation for WordPress jobs for freshers

To get a job as a junior WordPress developer, you need to assess your level and prepare for the interview.

Yes, you can do a lot of things in practice, but it’s not unimportant to be able to present your knowledge. Here are some basic questions you can get at the interview for junior WordPress developer jobs.

  1. What is the difference between an event (action) and a filter (filter)?
  2.  What are var_dump, and error_log and what are they for?
  3. What is Query Monitor and what is it for? What are the obligatory files to be in a custom theme?
  4. What is a WordPress theme?
  5. What are child themes and what are they for?
  6. How does the page generation process work?
  7. How to create a custom page template?
  8. What is the difference between a theme and a template?
  9. How to connect the styles and scripts correctly?
  10. How do I add my own menu to the theme?
  11. What are sidebars, how to add the possibility of inserting widgets into them?
  12. What are custom fields?

As a jr WordPress developer, you probably realize that this is not a complete list of knowledge about the platform. You may only be asked three questions to test your basic understanding. Among these may even include the question, “What is WordPress?” and it’s no joke.

Let’s emphasize that this is just a suggested list for WordPress developer fresher jobs. It is always best to be guided by the requirements described in the job you choose before preparing.

Entry level WordPress jobs

Getting Junior WordPress jobs is a cool opportunity to effectively and quickly boost your knowledge and skills. Apply even if you doubt whether you have enough knowledge. The fact is, you’ll get some very valuable experience, in particular, :

  • Interview preparation. You will assess your level, fill in the gaps and, importantly, formulate for yourself what kind of specialist you are.
  • Interview. You’ll learn how the interviews for the position go, and even if you don’t get the WordPress fresher job this time, you’ll have a better understanding of what to consider for the next time.
  • Internship. This will be the initial phase of your job, and it is during this period that you will learn a lot of new information.
  • Work on a team of more experienced developers and grow quickly. Before you know it, the constant workload, the need to always google and ask and new tasks will bring you to a new professional level.
  • Work experience. Well, and of course work experience. All the same, this point is important for employment in the following companies. If you are hired, try to take from this opportunity everything possible.

All these points are important for your self-improvement, self-esteem, value as a specialist and so on.

Very often companies that offer the opportunity to get entry level WordPress developer jobs, provide a field for self-development. This means internships, preparatory courses, exchange of experience. After you successfully pass and gain experience, you will be able to apply for the next level of vacancies.