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WooCommerce is an extension for WordPress. With the help of the content management system WordPress, you can create a variety of sites. In addition, this platform supports plug-ins, that is, mini-programs that add new features to the CMS.

The basic features of WordPress are not enough to create a website for sale. Therefore, the developers of the platform came up with WooCommerce — a plugin that simplifies the creation of full online stores.

If you want an online store on WordPress, the WooCommerce extension should definitely be installed on this platform. Once the extension is installed, a tab appears in the admin panel with everything you need to create and manage your store. And in order to get such a store, you need to use the services of a proper specialist — WooCommerce Developer. And to find the person who can do all this work, bookmark this page of our site. We have thousands of resumes from the best developers on the planet.

Why do you need a WooCommerce Developer?

With WooCommerce you can create an online store that has separate pages for general catalog, categories, and specific products. The platform also adds checkout pages, a buyer’s cabinet, a shopping cart, and other important components to the site. You can create any additional sections with content, whether it’s a store description, contacts, or articles.

Here’s what else an experienced programmer specializing in this area can introduce into the functionality of your site on WordPress:

  1. Payment tools. You will be able to edit the product catalog: and add descriptions, images, prices, discounts, quantities, and other information. In addition, WooCommerce displays a list of customers and allows you to manage the orders received. In fact, you get a built-in CRM.
  2. Analytics. WooCommerce offers built-in analytics tools. The system displays statistics on orders, payments, the number of goods, taxes and other data. All indicators are calculated automatically. Part of the information is presented in the form of clear charts.
  3. WooCommerce templates and customization. WooCommerce users get almost unlimited freedom to customize the appearance of the store. You can choose one of the templates or easily change its look for your needs with a visual editor.

If you can’t figure out how to configure the functionality of WooCommerce, the developer you will find on our website will help you with advice.

Why WooCommerce plugin developers are needed

WordPress functionality can be expanded with plugins. And while WooCommerce, one of them, has its own extensions. They are available in a separate directory, which can be found in the admin panel under the WooCommerce tab.

Plugins for WordPress add features to the engine for a wide variety of tasks, while WooCommerce extensions are more narrowly focused.

The WooCommerce developer will also help you integrate your online store with third-party services. Although plugins offer WooCommerce integration options, the directory may not have an extension for the service you want.

Here’s what third-party services you can combine your site with, using the services of an experienced WooCommerce Dev:

  • CRM. Connect WooCommerce to amoCRM, U-ON. Travel, GetCourse, YClients, Intrum, Odoo, or Creatio. Then the system will automatically transfer orders from your store to your chosen digital business management system.
  • Messengers. By default WooCommerce allows you to set up automatic notifications of new orders and other important events via email.
  • SMS messaging services. Connect one of the mailing services to your store. Intel Telecom, AlphaSMS, TurboSMS, SMS.BY, SMS Club and other similar systems.

Find an experienced developer on our website, and your online store will be much more efficient than the competition.