Themes development

Here you’re able to find WordPress theme developer easily.

One of the positive sides of CMS WordPress is that using it, you can easily change the visual design theme of the site to others, adjust those that you already use, or create new, unique themes.

The latter option — is the most convenient, because it allows you to clearly adjust the appearance of a resource for the needs of business, to bring your online project in line with the current marketing strategy.


But to create an authoring theme, you first need to hire a WordPress theme developer. Our website has resumes of hundreds of specialists working in this field and is ready to join your company.

Why WordPress theme development from scratch

WordPress themes consist of files and styles that determine how the site looks to users. This is the purpose for which WordPress custom theme development is usually ordered:

  • Creating a site design that no other competitor has.
  • Providing the ability to use templates, tags, and other tools for WP to display content and style pages.
  • Creating alternative templates for different sections and categories of the site.
  • Getting the function of switching between different markups, embedding a switch of themes for users (e.g., from night to day).
  • Selling the theme to other people who use WordPress or posting it for free to the public to promote other projects, products, or services.

A specialist who is really good at WordPress and WooCommerce theme development must have an excellent command of CSS, HTML/XHTML, and PHP. And you’ll find plenty of suitable candidates with the full set of necessary knowledge and skills.

How to understand that you have chosen the best Theme WordPress Developer

First of all, pay attention to the developer’s portfolio. Look at the themes he has done before. If you like his cases, then it is quite possible that this is the right one!

Such a programmer adheres to the following standards in the course of his work:

  • uses correctly structured, error-free PHP code and valid HTML code;
  • generates correctly generated, correctly composed, valid CSS code;
  • draws on knowledge from professional literature on the website design;
  • adds legible comments in places where he changed the standard behavior of templates and styles;
  • adheres to the naming convention in the standard theme hierarchy;
  • tests the finished theme in all popular browsers and under several different conditions, while changing resolution settings and interacting as intensively as possible with all interactive elements to identify possible errors.

In addition, an experienced WordPress Theme Developer will be sure to ask you a number of questions before he gets started. First of all, he should be interested in what specific project the theme is created for, and what your business does.

The visual design of the online store and information site is performed in a few different canons, and all these nuances must be taken into account. If your site already has a theme, but you are not satisfied with it, he will ask what exactly you do not like about the current version, and what, in your opinion, its shortcomings.

The developer should also ask if you have any special technical requirements, such as custom rules for overwriting and modifying data, or if you require some additional templates, images and other files. If any of the theme components are not displayed correctly, it is important that you are able to describe the sequence of user actions in which this occurs. The developer will follow your instructions, see the problem, and find and eliminate the causes.