Plugins development

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Plugins — These are mini-programs (scripts) that change the website. With their help, you can affect anything within the site and CMS: from the behavior of the interactive element on a single page to the algorithm for working with logins, starting e-mail, and other more complex components and processes.

Unlike themes, plug-ins change the very functioning of the site, not the appearance. With plug-ins can significantly expand the capabilities of the standard CMS platform, create custom mail types, add new tables to the database to track popular pages, automate a lot of actions that previously had to be done manually. To put it simply, thanks to the new plugin you and your company’s employees will be much more comfortable working with the site. And this, in turn, will have a positive impact on all business processes, because it will save time and other resources.

Why do you need WordPress plugin development?

Some site features can be changed with themes, so why not order a new theme instead of a plugin? The answer is simple: the adjustments that a theme makes are attached to it. That is, one theme has a fixed set of changes attached to it, and when you replace it with another theme, all the features of the previous one will be lost. And the functionality of the plugin is preserved regardless of which theme you activate. In addition, grouping related functionality in plugins is much more convenient than cramming a lot of code into a single theme segment. Understanding these technical nuances can be difficult for an untrained client, but by talking to an experienced WordPress plugin developer, you will learn in detail what benefits a new plugin can bring, and why themes alone are not enough to create a good website.

It is worth noting that plugins for WP are a sought-after software product in today’s IT market. That is, you can order the development of unique plugins, and then sell them to other companies engaged in the creation of sites for any purpose – from online stores to personal blogs. And if you’re planning to distribute your plugin as a paid product, the issue of security becomes extremely important: the code you implement must not pose a threat to your customers. An experienced developer creates only safe plugins. It is from such, responsible and professional applicants that we prefer to see on our website so that you can quickly hire a WordPress plugin developer who will do the job well.

How to find the best WordPress plugin dev

Take a look at the candidate’s portfolio. Whether you’re looking for a full-time person or a freelancer WordPress Developer, they must do their job with the utmost quality.

In software development, the main indicator of quality is clean code. And when it comes to plugins, the problem with “purity” here is also that many plugins throw around a large amount of unnecessary data. Therefore, a skilled developer creates plugins that know how to remove unnecessary data for the site, which is generated because of its work.

Strategic thinking on the part of the developer is also important. Before writing when he should agree in detail with you on the set of functions for which the work is performed, as well as think carefully about how to implement all these ideas in practice. Do a little test for the candidate. Tell him, for example, that you need new features that:

  • register a view every time an individual post is shown;
  • allow you to predict the approximate number of views,
  • show the number of views to the user,
  • prepare a ranked list of posts that can be viewed with filters for a number of views, ratings, and other metrics.

Have the candidate suggest possible optimal solutions to this problem. If you yourself don’t understand exactly what he offers, don’t make a show of it: simply record his speech in a video interview and then show it to a professional you trust. You’ll be able to tell from the applicant’s answers whether he or she really has the skills to benefit your business