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WordPress has radically changed from a blog-oriented platform to a website-building tool. Since its inception, many changes and additions have been made, from plugins to themes and editors. There is now an addition to the Gutenberg WordPress editor, whose name comes from Johannes Gutenberg, the founder of the printing press. To take full advantage of all its benefits, you need to resort to a service like WordPress Gutenberg development. And on our site, you will find a person who will qualitatively perform all the work related to this direction.

Why do you need Gutenberg block development?

The Gutenberg WordPress editor is a page builder designed to integrate with the WordPress core. The overall goal of this update is to modernize, optimize, and simplify content creation for users by reducing reliance on shortcode and custom HTML.

Here are the main benefits of working with this add-on:

Gutenberg replaces the worn-out TinyMCE post content editor and can do much more, from thinking through the shortcode to customizing fields. It’s a client interface built with React that uses block content to assemble content.

WordPress Gutenberg block development makes it easy to create a page in a single, searchable flow and UI umbrella. This means you can build your entire website with Gutenberg, including a complete website setup, along with landing pages and other important content.

Gutenberg is a step forward for content publishers because it reduces the visible difference between how content is shaped in the CMS and how it appears in the front-end.

Gutenberg dramatically reduces website load times and avoids reliance on plugins to block cumbersome content.

In addition, Gutenberg will be very useful for users who like to switch themes. Themes such as Divi have built-in content block builders. But if you want to switch themes, this can cause a serious problem. Fortunately, with Gutenberg, themes that don’t support content blocking will be able to support it without any changes. That way, you can install any theme you like without having to install third-party add-ons on top of themes.

Do I need to hire a WordPress Gutenberg Developer?

The most important advantage of Gutenberg is its compatibility with mobile devices. Most content blocking plugins don’t work correctly on the small displays of handheld gadgets. Gutenberg was designed to work well on mobile devices and offer the same functionality regardless of the device used.

To help you understand the skills a developer should have to be trusted to work in this area, we’ve prepared some useful information for you.

For Gutenberg-related tasks, developers need WordPress development skills such as Javascript, React, PHP, and HTML / CSS. So among the candidate resumes on our site, look for exactly those who are truly proficient in these technologies.

Stay tuned to our site for no shortage of professional programmers who are ready to perform any task for the development of your business. We always make the most of helping you to find clients and performers who are perfect to work with each other in a fruitful way.

If you have any additional questions for the candidate, be sure to ask them during the interview. The extent to which he understands the nature of the task is a direct indication of his skills and knowledge and is a clear indicator of whether he can really be useful to your project.