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WordPress — CMS, which has thousands of themes and plugins to create pages. In it, a beginner can develop the design of any site without the knowledge of layout and programming.

You can put together a simple blog, a landing page, or a small online store in WordPress quickly enough. However, if the task — is to make something more than a basic resource, the development will have to spend more time and delve into detail. But there is a tool that will save resources: the Elementor plugin.

Elementor is a page builder in which you simply drag and drop blocks from the menu onto an empty area, creating a site structure, and then edit them by filling them with content: adding images, text, links, colour schemes, etc.

Elementor also gives you the ability to make the site more stylish than with the basic page editor in WordPress. For example, add a two-column layout like in magazines, scrolling animation, non-standard elements (animated header, FaceBook button, timer, and others).

To understand how to work with this plugin, how to integrate it, or modify it, you may need the services of a web programmer, who has long and successfully worked in this field. You can find such a specialist on our website.

Why do you need a WordPress Elementor developer?

There are a few critical features that your website will definitely need, regardless of what your business is based on specifically. Talk to Elementor developers if you think they’ll be useful to you:

  • Visual Editor. When you work with pages in Elementor, you can immediately see the changes you make. That’s why it’s called a visual editor along with a website builder. But there’s a caveat: The images you add will only appear in Page View.
  • Adaptability. All the pages you create in Elementor will adjust to the resolutions of different devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, and the site will be displayed correctly.
  • Widgets. The blocks from which the site is built are called widgets. To add them to the page, just drag and drop a widget from the control panel to the page. Then you need to configure the element for your tasks. Below we’ll look at how to use them.

There are a total of about 90 widgets in Elementor. The basic ones are available in the free version. And for the more advanced ones (catalog for creating an online store or a timer for adding a limited-time offer) you can subscribe to a paid resource or find someone on our site who will do everything you need. The second option can be much cheaper, and certainly much more convenient than the first. After all, a free product is unlikely to be of sufficient quality, and paid ready-made widgets do not take into account the needs of your brand specifically, they are not made for your business, but are still aimed at a wider audience.

Widget Elementor Developer

Here are just some of the widgets you can use with WordPress Elementor developer:

  • Header. Structures information and adds large captions.
  • Image. Adds illustrations to services, employee photos, and other information.
  • Video. Adds links to videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources.
  • Button. Allows you to make a link in the form of a nice button you can see on the page.
  • Testimonials. Helps you place customer testimonials exactly the way you want.
  • Social network icons. Allows you to link the site with your company’s groups on social networks.

The paid version also has an image gallery with a carousel that adds multiple images in a grid, a form that adds fields for the user to fill in, as well as quotes that highlight text and make it a so-called “visual anchor”. In addition, there are widgets that allow users to log in to the site, and price lists, which are ready-made blocks to allow you to enter descriptions of services and rates for them. Also do not forget about the ready-made templates and product grids. But with the help of programmers, whose candidacies are presented on our web resource, you can improve your site much better than with Elementor’s basic or paid widgets.