Hire WordPress developer

If your assignment was to hire WordPress developer for a WordPress development project, then you are in the right place. We created the WP Job site to simplify the process of communication between the employer and the doer.

This section contains a list of available WordPress coders for hire. Candidates of different levels, specializations and working conditions are presented here. To choose the candidate who will be the best performer for your project, form your list of requirements and filter the candidates.

You should be clear about what skills your best option should have. For example, if you are looking for WordPress developer for custom development and long-term collaboration, we recommend choosing a candidate from the Senior developer section. This characteristic indicates a certain amount of experience and large baggage of the right technical and communicative knowledge.

If you are still undecided about what criteria to use to judge the future candidate, do not panic. We recommend a little research on the WordPress hiring market.

How to hire a professional WordPress developer

The choice of an employee always depends on two important criteria hard skills and soft skills. The set of hard skills for each profession is special. You can find a list of such skills specifically for WordPress hiring on the Internet. For example, looking at blocks of training programs for developers. Which of the skills will be crucial, will depend on your project or task. If you need to hire WordPress theme developers for a project, you can simply focus your search on such a specialization. On the WP-Job website, you can easily filter them out.

As for soft skills, you need to analyze well what kind of person you are willing to work with. It happens that even the best WordPress experts on the technical side may not be the best candidate available.

How to hire expert, who will fit into the team

If you need to hire WordPress developer pay attention to such personal qualities:

  • Responsibility. This quality will allow you to rely on the person from the first days of work and be sure that the necessary tasks will be completed on time.
  • The ability to work as a team. Pay attention to this, if you need WordPress developer, whose responsibilities will include communication with other team members. This is important if there is a need to collaborate with designers, SEO specialists and others.
  • Ability and drive to develop. Working in development requires constant self-improvement and updating your own knowledge. The ability and desire to learn quickly is a great advantage.
  • Time management and the ability to clearly understand the job. These qualities will make your employee effective and clear. Project progress will be uniform and without delays through improperly allocated time.
  • The habit of planning. This is lucky to hire WordPress programmer, who has already formed habits of productivity before working with you. With such a person is easy to work with, communicate and naturally plan the next steps.

Probably in the process of reading you remembered a few more points that are important for you specifically. In our opinion, if you are planning to hire a WordPress website developer on a long-term basis, focus on soft skills. 

We argue that the person who fits your company personal qualities will become the best and most dedicated developer in the process.

The final plan of action when the WordPress coders for hire required

To summarize, let’s make a schematic plan of action for a person who plans to hire a WordPress web developer.

  1. Form a list of requirements for the candidate;
  2. Select potential performers by evaluating their hard and soft skills;
  3. Review candidates’ portfolios and feedback;
  4. Send a test assignment to the candidate.

Decide whether to hire WordPress developer or not.

And then have a pleasant cooperation and success with your project!