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Our site contains resumes of programmers who are ready to join your project. We have specialists not only from the USA, but also from all over the world. If the candidate you are interested in lives in another country, offer him or her a relocation or remote work. Each cooperation format has its pros and cons, and we will help you understand which option is the best for your specific case. 

What to do when you need to Hire WordPress developer USA

First you need to decide how best to organize the search for employees and the process of interaction with them, as well as who to entrust it all to.

There are the following ways to address this issue:

  1. Recruitment of specialists to the staff. You can hire full-time developers, sign a contract with them. As a result, the entire team will report directly to you, and you will have everything under your control at all times. If necessary, you will be able to switch the appropriate performer from one task to another at any time. Then you will need to ensure that everyone has tasks to do all the time and money is not being wasted. You will need to do this personally or you may need to find a trusted person to whom you can entrust the task. You may need to spend a substantial amount of money to find suitable professionals.
  2. Work with an outsourcing company. Choose a specialist from a ready-made IT team or hire the whole team and give it tasks in all areas: preparation, development, product support. This is a good solution for those who know what technologies are needed. You will need to make sure beforehand that the outsourcing company is really able to do the kinds of work you are interested in. It is best if you have worked with this team before or have personal acquaintance with its management. The disadvantage of cooperation with outsourcers is that they lack flexibility. They are often focused on performing a narrow range of tasks, using a limited set of technologies. They are great at working within their stack, but almost incapable of handling anything new.
  3. Freelance services or so-called “flexible staffing”. In the first case, you find one freelancer who provides their services as a private person or entrepreneur. Our website has many profiles of such WordPress Developer, which contain detailed information about their skills, knowledge, experience, and completed projects. If we talk about “flexible staffing”, it works like this: you make an agreement with a recruiting company that specializes in finding performers that are exactly right for your specific task, have the right set of competencies, and are ready to work with you for as long as you need, up to the complete completion of the project.

In any case, you can hardly save much on the services of programmers today. Previously, it was possible to hire specialists from less affluent regions to pay them less than you would pay those who live in the capital. But the popular remote format of cooperation allows developers to cooperate with major IT companies, which leads to a gradual leveling of rates across the world.

Where better to hire WordPress Developer

If you do not have sufficient knowledge, you may have to hire an IT recruiter or turn to agencies. The first approach condemns you to one more staff position and the second does not guarantee a successful outcome.

Here’s how long it takes on average to hire some technicians in the US according to statistics:

  • software developer — 35 days;
  • tester — 26 days;
  • database administrator — 26 days;
  • web application developer — 24 days;
  • junior developer — 16 days.

Keep in mind that recruiters and agencies also use our database of job seekers. So the smartest option is to explore resumes on our website directly, rather than paying for intermediaries’ services.