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Remote work is a serious kind of collaboration. With the onset of the pandemic, it is the one that has become the most popular in all fields. Previously, the hiring process was accompanied by face-to-face meetings for interviews. Now it is possible to hire a WordPress developer online. It is convenient because it is possible to interview candidates from different regions in a day and quickly approve a new person for a position.

On our website, you will find all the necessary characteristics and contacts of candidates. We wish you good luck in the selection.

What to pay attention to before you hire remote WordPress developers

A lot of specialists now want to work remotely. Yes, it is beneficial for an employee to work remotely if he is in another city, country, or travelling. For the employer, a remote employee is beneficial in terms of providing a workplace.

But, due to the growing popularity of remote work, it is more difficult to select professionals and hire good WordPress developers online.

  • The honesty of the candidate. Pay attention to the relevance of the person’s knowledge to his resume. A candidate’s honesty is important. A far-fetched list of skills says a lot about a person. To be a good developer, you need to be able to ask the right questions and find the answers yourself. Knowing how to google is what will save a WordPress developer on remote, even if he runs into a new problem. So, when you hire a remote WordPress developer, focus not on the list of skills, but on the approach to solving problems.
  • Previous work experience. Yes, you can give preference to someone who already had experience working remotely. But in this case, find out about the specifics of the experience and why the candidate stopped working with the previous company or customer. Find out what kind of difficulties can be expected during the implementation of projects. Keep in mind that when you hire a remote WordPress developer, you should take a person with formed habits of self-organization.
  • Willingness to work remotely. There are two sides to the employer-employee relationship. So make sure your company is willing to work with out-of-state employees and hire a remote WordPress developer. You need to be able to build business processes competently and select people with the appropriate level of self-organization. You need all team members to have the ability to work autonomously, communicate appropriately with the team and update it.

In addition to these key points, consider whether the values of the person are consistent with the values of your company and team.

Where to Hire WordPress developer online

You can find a WordPress developer of the right level of competence on any specialized website. We certainly recommend checking out the “Hire remote WordPress developers” section of the WP Job platform. Here you will find:

  • a large list of candidates;
  • easy filtering by key criteria;
  • free full access to vacancies;
  • opportunity to post an unlimited number of vacancies.

Right now the WP Job platform for job and candidates searching is at the launch. As it develops, we plan to add many more useful features. We will focus on user requests. We plan to simplify and secure the contact between the hiring company and the candidates. In particular, if you want to hire remote WordPress developers now, then take a look at our list.